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“Teaching Isn’t Telling” - the science of learning has improved over the past few years, yet our methods of teaching are stuck in the past. This is unfortunately true in so many fields. As a science teacher, I always felt my job was to bridge the gap between research and practice. I bring that same philosophy to my training at Holman One.

3 things I’ve learned from playing in scrambles for years

  1. Nearly all golfers have no idea how to create speed and aren’t anywhere close to maximizing their distance potential

  2. Nearly all golfers read putts dramatically different and are basically clueless as to the true starting line of the putt they just hit

  3. Most golfers have no idea how far their clubs go, especially in terms of carry distance. Playing conditions in Texas change so often (totally soaked in front of greens vs. dryer than a desert) and knowing how far your ball flies will allow you to properly club.

Getting better at golf doesn’t have to mean changing your swing and getting worse before you get better.

  • Get longer

  • Putt better

  • Know your distances

These ideas led to me create Holman One to help golfers in all three areas. Right now I'm mainly focusing on helping you hit bombs, but will be adding putting and data collection packages soon.